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Wusheng Technology Successfully Landed on New OTC Market

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    On 30th December, 2016, NEEQ(National Equities Exchange and Quotations) issued a permit that the stock of Jiangsu Wusheng Technology Corp., Ltd. is approved to be listed on New OTC Market.(Stock Code: 870638). Wusheng Technology will become the 7th listed company of New Over the Counter Market in our city. 

    Started with stainless steel trade, Jiangsu Wusheng Technology Corp., Ltd. grasped market opportunities for development and have completed the transition from trade to entity. After 6 years market baptism, Wusheng Technology has grown into a steel structure manufacturing company with whole-industrial chain which integrated production, processing, marketing and installation. In these years, Wusheng Technology purchased advanced steel processing equipment to upgrade and improve hardware and software facilities. And we successfully obtained various qualifications and certifications, such as steel structure project professional construction qualification, construction safety production license, manufacture license of special equipment people’s Republic of China(A2 Grade pressure vessel), Weapon Equipment Secrecy Qualification, weapon equipment manufacturing quality management system, Lloyd's Register for works approval, America ASME acknowledgment, China Classification Society (CCS) for quality management system, European EN-1090 steel structure conformity of the factory production control and so on. Our products have succeeded in entering the manufacturing and installing areas of military projects and bridge steel structures. Relying on professional technique, advanced machines and technique flow, thorough quality management and after-sale service, Wusheng Technology becomes the leader of steel-structure subdivided industry. Our brand is highly accepted in the market.
    Chu Shengming, Board chair of Jiangsu Wusheng Technology Corp., Ltd., said we have already begun preparing to be listed on New OTC Market as early as two years ago. After two years’ effort, transition license was finally gained. After this transition, in order to realize great-leap development, we’ll continue to strengthen the technical innovation on steel processing and stainless steel pressure vessel, further explore the military markets and make our steel structure business bigger and stronger. Meanwhile, we’ll aim to the main board market and strive to make a new breakthrough in the capital market.

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